What’s New at TNYC?

Fall General Meeting

The TNYC Fall General Meeting will be held on Sunday, November 9 at 14:30 at the TNYC clubhouse. The meeting will be followed by the Commodore’s Wine and Cheese. All members are encouraged to attend.

Message from the Commodore

We’ve completed our lift-out of boats for this summer’s sailing season this past weekend and a big thank you goes out to all those individuals who helped make it a great success.

First of all, the ladies deserve a  big thank you and appreciation for serving the food in the clubhouse and the funds raised from this venture help support the many social functions throughout the year.

Steve Decker, our wharf chair deserves many accolades for his organizing the lifting operations of the boats and masts.  Thank Steve! And as always, several of our experienced members stepped in to see that all details were running smoothly.

New for us this year is the use of the travel lift and all boats were lifted successfully with the use of this great addition.  Thanks goes out to those individuals who received training in operating it.

To the members on the whole, a big thank you for your tireless efforts moving masts, cradles, boats, etc. to keep things well on track.

Now that the boats are out of the water, please make sure that your ladders are locked on when you leave your boats.  If you use the clubhouse, please ensure the heat is turned down, lights off, shutters closed and doors locked.

Derrick Burry, Commodore

Lift-Out Time is Here

The sailing season is quickly drawing to an end, with our annual lift-out scheduled for October 10-13. Masts will be removed on Friday, October 10, and boats on the TNYC-side of the marina will be lifted on Saturday. Those boats being lifted on the HMPC side will come out on Sunday and Monday using the new travel lift.

Here are a few reminders to help make the operations run as smoothly as possible:

  • All members are expected to be on hand and available to help for the full lift-out period. We are a volunteer club and need all members to pitch in to keep things moving.
  • Please ensure you boat is ready when it is time for your mast to be remove, with all wires disconnected, rigging free and turnbuckles ready to loosen.
  • When your mast has been removed, please prep it and remove it from the staging area as quickly as possible. Space is tight, and we need masts moved to make room for those waiting in line.
  • Your cradle should be in place and in good condition. We will not place a boat in a cradle that may be unsafe.

As in past years, the Social Committee will provide a delicious homemade lunch at the Lift-Out on Saturday, October 11.  Cost is $5.  This is a fundraiser for the Social Committee and also provides our volunteers with much-needed hot nourishment on a long, tough day. The Social Committee will also be selling tickets for the Christmas Dinner and Dance, scheduled for November 29.