What’s New at TNYC?

The TNYC forum and members’ areas will be offline this weekend while we fix a few bugs and make some nice upgrades. Everything will be back up and running by Tuesday, June 30th. If you really need to be social with other sailors online, head on over to Facebook to check out our page there and see the latest happenings.

Splash Weekend, May 9!

It’s that time of year again! Lift-in will take place on Saturday, May 9 and Sunday, May 10, with boats on both the TNYC and HMPC sides being launched simultaneously. Masts will be stepped the following weekend, on May 16.

If you will not be launching your out at this time and have not yet let us know, please inform us immediately. Invoices will be emailed out prior to lift-in and all fees must be paid prior to your boat being lifted. The exact start times and lifting details will be circulated prior to lift-in weekend.

The election of officers was held at our Annual General Meeting on March 29th. The Executive Committee for 2015-2016 will be:

Commodore – Chris Hickey
Past Commodore – Derrick Burry
Vice-Commodore – Paul Neal
Treasurer – Bruce King
Social Committee Chair – Debbie Churchill
Fleet Captain– Randy Earle
Wharf Chair– Stephen Decker
Maintenance Committee Chair– Joe Shanahan
Secretary – Chris Whelan

Many thanks are owed to the outgoing members of the Executive Committee- Terry Johnstone, Jason Thistle, and Dean Sullivan. We thank them for their service and wish the incoming members all the best for the coming year.