Fall General Meeting

The Fall General Meeting will be held on Sunday November 5, 2017 starting at 1430 for a 1500 start to business. The meeting will be followed by the Commodore’s  Wine and Cheese Reception (or possibly the Commodore’s Beer and Pretzel Party!) All members are encouraged to attend.

Annual General Meeting- April 3

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday, April 3rd at 3:00 p.m. The positions of Social Chair, Wharf Chair, Secretary, Vice Commodore and Commodore will be elected for a 2 year term at this meeting and we invite any nominations or volunteers for each of these positions.

Lift-Out 2015

Lift-out 2015 will be a new experience at TNYC, as this will be the first year that all boats will be lifted out using the travel lift. Masts will be removed on October 17 and will be accompanied by a lunch from the social committee. Our goal is to then  lift boats during the week of October 19, with boats being assigned a specific for lifting. We hope to have a schedule and specifics available soon.