Executive Committee

tnycThe day-to-day affairs of the Terra Nova Yacht Club are governed by our Executive Committee, comprised of the Flag Officers (Commodore, Vice Commodore, and Past Commodore) and a Secretary, Treasurer, Wharf Chair, Fleet Captain, Social Committee Chair, Maintenance Committee Chair, and Safety Officer. All positions are elected at the Annual General Meeting held every March, with Flag Officers serving a one year term in each position and operational positions filled for two year terms in alternating years.


The Executive Committee for the 2017 season is:

Commodore – Chris Whelan
Past Commodore – Paul Neal
Vice-Commodore – Ches West
Treasurer – Bruce King
Social Committee Chair – Debbie Churchill
Fleet Captain– Rob Pallard
Wharf Chair– Stephen Decker
Maintenance Committee Chair– Gary Case
Secretary – David Thistle
Safety Officer – Bob Bartlett