What’s New at TNYC?

Lift-In Update

Repairs to the block for the travel lift have been completed by a local machine shop and will be installed Thursday. Lifting boats and placing mast will commence this coming Saturday 08:00 am May 20, 2017 and mast the following Tuesday May 23 2017, following the same schedule as before but advanced by one week. Any questions they can contact Stephen Decker at deckedoutsd@gmail.com.

2017 Berthing Plan

The preliminary berthing plan for 2017 has now been posted in the clubhouse. Please note that there may be additional changes required as we attempt to accommodate as many members as possible and account for different draft requirements. Any questions on the proposed plan should be directed to the Wharf Chair, Stephen Decker.



Ed O’Reilly has prepared a follow-up to his wonderful Time Sensitive piece. Click here to visit Part II. As before, make sure you view it in horizontal orientation if you’re on your tablet or smart phone.